A Comprehensive Guide to the US student Visa by Dr. Dipak Kumar Sharma

It is a M.O.A.B. on student visa meant for students already in US and for those planning to go.

A comprehensive guide to the us student visa

1. Do you want to study in America, but do not know the in and out of the US student visa procedure? 
2. Have you never faced a US visa interview or have been rejected at the visa interview? 
3. Are you tired paying a 100 USD for a half hour discussion with an Immigration Lawyer?
4. Do you want to keep away from the touts and fraudulent guys trying to cheat students applying for the visa? 
5. What are the visa difficulties during transit to the US? 
6. How to face the immigration on arrival at US border? 
7. If you want to change your University, how does it affect your student visa? 
8. What are your rights to access government records in the US? 
9. Are you Eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN)? 
10. Did your student visa expire while you were inside the US? 
11. How to do a job legally while you are still a student in the US? 
12. Can you apply for two different visa types together? 
13. What are your TAX liabilities as a student? 
14. What be different visa types used for your Spouse while you study in the US? 
15.  Did you lose your passport inside or outside the US? 
16. What is the path from student visa to an American Green Card? 
17. Before you go to the US learn from the word Go. How to prepare documents, fill in the visa application form, prepare documents and appear for an interview. 
18. After you land in the US, know about registration on arrival at US, visa rules applicable to ‘planned exit’ at the end of the course, and about using OPT/Pre-OPT and CPT for jobs or training. 

Know all this and much more, in a compact yet very informative Revised 2018 edition book. This book is basically a ‘Mother of All Books’ on US student visa. This book will make a difference between being in the US and succeeding there. It is written in an easy to read, step by step fashion with FAQ in every section. Hundreds of real-life scenarios covered and explained by the author who is a former F-1 student at Johns Hopkins University.

It is practically a MOAB (Mother of All Books) on US student visa. Make a difference between being there and succeeding there.

This book is equally useful for international students PLANNING TO GO to the US, and also for those who are ALREADY international students in the US. In an easy to read step by step fashion with FAQ in every section. Hundreds of real-life scenarios covered and explained.

Save the time and money that you may pay to costly immigration lawyers or private visa consultants. No need to waste your time looking across tons of online material or reading blogs or acting upon hearsay. You have all the information that you will probably need to know (and more) about your student visa in one single place.

The author is a medical doctor and a former F-1 student who studied at Johns Hopkins University at Baltimore and has written out of his personal experiences and knowledge covering every important aspect.

It’s the first comprehensive book that covers everything essential about application, interview, journey and transits, arrival, registration, extension, changeover to other courses, obtaining tourist and student visa together, changeover from tourist visa to student visa inside the US, emergency exit, post-study job (OPT), jobs during your study (Pre-OPT/ CPT), tax issues as a student . It even touches stuff like the green card, H1B, and L-1 visas.

BEFORE YOU GO TO US: learn how to prepare documents, fill in the visa application form, prepare and appear for an interview, transit issues during travel etc

DURING TRANSIT: what’s possible and what’s not; immigration issues during transit

AFTER YOU LAND in US: know about registration on arrival at US, planned exit at the end, and about using OPT/Pre-OPT and CPT for jobs or training. Have a full understanding of tax issues and tax liability as a student and your right to access government records as a student. Get to know about Social security numbers and ITIN numbers. Get basics about H1-B, L-1, K, O visa and the American Green card

Know additionally about SPECIAL SCENARIOS such as living in US LEGALLY on an expired visa or entering legally without a passport or without an I-20, how to manage passport loss and emergency exit from US, and stuffs like automatic student visa re-validation, visa reactivation, redress program, entry situations on a terminated SEVIS and about many more interesting situations.

Virtually every aspect of the student visa has been discussed.

Genre: LAW / General

Secondary Genre: EDUCATION / Student Life & Student Affairs

Language: English

Keywords: US student Visa, F-1 visa, US visa interview, Visa rejection , J-1 Visa, Visa interview preparation, immigrate to the US

Word Count: 23000

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I can bet you that I have not seen a single book in my life which has covered so many aspects about the US student visa. Practically nothing is left uncovered. 


Sample text:

F-1 Visa lapse while you are at the US school

There is absolutely no problem if your visa has expired while you are still a full-time international student maintaining your needed credit hours of study and attending school normally. This does not cause any immigration issues. Your visa validity only shows the last date before which you should have entered the US. It does not disqualify you from being legally present in the US after the visa expiry date, nor does it prevent you from being a full-time student.

But once you exit the US, you should be ready to go face a new student visa interview before you can return back on your newly issued student visa. This is because you CANNOT renew your student visa while you are still inside US. You must exit the US and face an interview to get your new visa. One of the added requirements during such an interview for a student visa may be the visa officer asking to look at the unofficial transcript of the courses that you are doing or have already completed.

Long stay outside US

If you stay outside US for a continuous period of 5 months or more than, you cannot enter back in US on your previously valid student visa. You must re-appear for a student visa interview. If your visa application gets approved successfully during interview, only then you may return back to US with a new visa sticker in your passport.

Passport expiry while in US

When your present passport is close to expiry or may have already expired or if its available blank pages for stamps and visa are full, then you should apply promptly for a new passport. You need to apply for it at the nearest consulate or embassy of your country whose passport you hold.

US Visa is valid and passport is expired. Can I enter into US?


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