6 Hours 42 minutes by Claude Bouchard

It was the perfect bank robbery plan. Nothing could go wrong...

6 hours 42 minutes

Though most of them dabbled in a variety of criminal activities, they weren't experienced in this particular field and had never been involved in a job like this before. However, with proper planning, careful organization and the inside information available to them, they were certain that this bank heist would be a piece of cake. Ten minutes, in and out, was all it would take and they'd be sharing 2.5 million dollars. Nothing could go wrong as they had thought of everything... How could they possibly know a new member of the board was visiting the bank that morning? And how could they know that new board member was Chris Barry?

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Mystery, Thriller, Vigilante, Crime

Word Count: 54421

Sales info:

10K copies sold

Ranked #1 in Amazon Vigilante Justice

4.4/5 average on 108 ratings

Sample text:

Having looked into the other offices and finding them all empty, Goose reached the conference room and peered inside, noting that it was vacant as well. Puzzled, he scanned the room and was about to leave but stopped suddenly as he noticed the wire wrapped around the handles of the cabinet doors.

“What the fuck is that about?” he murmured as he headed towards the cabinet to investigate.

He had made it halfway across the room when something whipped down across his face and wrapped tightly around his neck. Dropping his gun by reflex, he clawed at his neck, trying to relieve the choking pressure but to no avail. He tried to kick out backwards but failed to make contact with whoever was garrotting him. As panic and lack of oxygen started to take their toll, he viciously jabbed an elbow backwards and made solid contact with his attacker’s ribs.

“That hurt, you bastard,” his assailant grunted before crooking a leg in front of Goose’s ankles and sweeping his feet backwards from under him, pitching him forward.

As the carpeted floor came rushing at his face, Goose felt an incredible snapping pain in his neck for a fraction of a second and then felt nothing at all.

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Already translated. Translated by Federica Pagnani
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This is the 5th book Flavia has translated for me and working with her is an absolute pleasure.
Already translated. Translated by Cristina García

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