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  • Earn a share of the royalties
  • Have your name as the translator in each book
  • Partner with publishers and self-published authors
  • Define your project timeline and when you work

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Translator projects for freelance translators

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"I just love Babelcube!! Everything is so straightforward, laid out in black and white, and easy to understand. The royalty system is absolute magic and so simple to understand. I am already on my 4th translation project and I can't wait to get my hands on more and more and more books to read and translate! Spread the word people! This is the future!!!"
Sebastian Holden Bramah, Translator

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"Babelcube provides freelance translators with the wonderful possibility to translate books by some great authors. One of the best things is the direct contact with the authors themselves and sharing with them the translation process."
Valeria D'Ellena, Translator

Are you a freelance translator who wants to design your next translation job?

At Babelcube, you can pick a book that you would like to translate, decide on the translation language, and design a project timeline that suits you. You will become a partner with the rights holder (author or publisher) and earn a share of royalties from the sale of the book you helped create.