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Wisefool Press publishes The Enlightenment Trilogy
and The Dreamstate Trilogy by Jed McKenna

Jed's books have sold well over a million copies worldwide in print, ebook, audiobook and foreign language editions. Take some time to visit our website and develop a sense of the track record and future potential of these titles. Jed is not just another self-appointed New Age guru, he is a startingly clear and authentic voice rising above the clamor. If you are a translator because you want to make good longterm money on a project you can be proud of, don't wait for someone else to accept this offer. 

Regarding marketing, it is a very high priority for us to be able to support translations wherever they're available. Obviously, this is in our own best interest. We will be promoting translated titles through all the usual no-cost and low-cost avenues and by other means based on various factors. Our experience shows that once these books gain a foothold, they develop a life of their own, and we will be active in making that happen.

We've sold more than a million books, and we're just getting started.

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Comments about Jed McKenna's Enlightenment Trilogy.

“Jed McKenna is an American original.” -Lama Surya Das

“Absolutely marvelous, splendid, perfect books!” -Shri Acharya

“These books have profoundly changed my life.” -C. Jensen

“These three books are precious gifts to humanity.” -E. De Vries

“Thank you for the books. I’ve been waiting all my life for them.” -C. Vankeith

“I can think of no other author I’d recommend more highly.” -M.R. Fleming

"I say an eternal thank you for the Trilogy. The books continue to challenge my mind and life. I ordered my 4th complete set. Nothing compares to this writing." -J.H.

"If you are ready, step into Jed's world. It is intelligent and powerful." -J. Katz

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Jed McKenna is the author of The Enlightenment Trilogy and The Dreamstate Trilogy, published by Wisefool Press.
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