Play by Jed McKenna

A Play by Jed McKenna

It is what it is, they say, but is it?


It is what it is, they say, but is it?

Jed McKenna has always been more about destroying questions than answering them, so it’s no surprise that Play is more Q than A.

In fact, it might be viewed as a progression through the stages of self-inquiry, each of the seven vignettes taking us a bit further along on the inward journey, the early vignettes asking the questions, and the latter ones looking at those who do ask; showing us, promising us, warning us, where honest and relentless inquiry really lead.

But who, Jed has asked, really wants to go where this road really leads? On this journey, who you are changes with every step, and it’s all about taking the next step. In the end, Play is what it is. Or is it? Maybe it’s the journey of the examined life, or maybe it’s just a playful little play. Ultimately, of course, Play, like life, like anything, is whatever it is to you.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Language: English

Keywords: Zen, Advaita, Buddhism, Taoism, Mysticism, Yoga, Satori, Meditation, Self-realization, Nonduality, awakening, moksha

Word Count: 33,995

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