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Tanya castro

Hello, just another bookworm who loves translation. Graduated from the Letras course of Brazil's Unesp - Faculdade de Ciências e Letras de Assis with a license to teach both brazilian-portuguese and japanese. Also have a certificate to teach classes at FISK school of language. My mother language is brazilian-portuguese, but I can fluently work in english and intermediate japanese. Also can find my way with basic chinese and german. Greek and Latin too, but that is another story.

Work even fantranslation ever since 2007. A huge history of fansubing, scanning and another non-profitting works. My most remarkable from this kind was translating Light Novel (japanese novels for young adults) from english to portuguese for the retired website Light Novel Project. My most famous work there was Toradora! first and second volumes.

After moving from working with the team at LNP, I joined My Light Novel crew into revising original light novels of brazilian-portuguese origin. I can proudly confirm my experience with profissional translations, subbing and critic review.

For my paid works, you can check:

phmoura(dot)com (Translation of most novels).

I have subbed three modules of Social Circle Blueprint 2.0 (A particular and non-proffit service for the client, but I can provide the subtitles if needed)

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Portuguese, Japanese
Translates into: English, Portuguese

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they are a fantastic team to work with! Could not ask for better translators!
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