Crimson, Secrets and Lies of a Living Vampire by T.L. Christianson

A hidden lab, a deadly secret and love, Emilie's wrapped up in intrigue and science. Can she choose between those she loves and what she believes is right?

Crimson, secrets and lies of a living vampire

Guilt-ridden, innocent and emotional Emilie doesn’t know what she is but suspects that she’s a vampire. Alone in the world for almost a hundred years with a thirst for blood, she’s never met anyone similarly afflicted. That is until she takes a job for Dr. Owen Bennett on his private estate, hidden in the mountains of Southern Colorado.

Working as a private teacher to his children, she swiftly notices that things at the Bennett house aren’t adding up. Struggling with her attraction to her employer, she suspects that he might be like her—a vampire. Determined to find answers, she discovers a hidden lab, a deadly secret and love. Wrapped up in intrigue and science, Emilie's forced to choose between those she loves and what she believes is right.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: Mystery, lovestory, Crimson, medical, fantasy, vampires

Word Count: 63,381

Sample text:



     Turning, I saw a man who didn’t fit my definition of a stuffy old scientist. There was no way he could be older than his late twenties, with pale amber eyes and unkempt chestnut hair. He wore a baby-blue button-up shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, which seemed to be the footwear of choice in this mountain town.

     My attraction to him was immediate, and my voice caught in my throat. I gaped at my new employer; he was beautiful in an old-fashioned way. 

     His mouth turned up into a cheeky grin, and he held his hand out to me. “Hi, I’m Owen.”

     “Liz,” I breathed out, barely above a whisper. As our hands touched, a small shock of electricity went through me.

     I’d wanted a distraction, but Owen Bennett might be a bit more than I’d bargained for.

Years ago, I vowed that I would never get involved in a relationship again.

     The last time I fell in love, I thought it would kill me.

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