Stefany Ramirez (author)

Author of YA Paranormal Romance & Dark Erotic Romance

Stefany ramirez

Stefany Ramirez, lived in Los Angeles California for eight years and then moved to Arkansas and has been living there ever since. She has a full time office job and writes on her free time.  She also writes under a pen name.

Stefany graduated Springdale High in 2007. Currently she is also attending Post University and hopes to get her degree in Computer Information Systems.
She loves to read, write, read and write!

If you would like to get in touch with her you can find her on any of the social media site icons below.

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*When the light meets the dark, the two forces crash and only one can come out on top.*
*A story about two souls that have been through a lot. Kaden can't let go of his past. Kyle wants to escape hers and never look back. Together will they be able to move on or will they end up destroying each other?*
Will Kaden and Kyle be able to repair their relationship before it’s all over for good?
In this sweet yet daring Christmas novella, you'll want to read their Happily Ever After ending that Kaden and Kyle both deserve. Want to take one last ride?
Tocxy is caught in the middle of something big, and she has to stop running to face not just her enemies, but herself. She must make a decision and quick before everything she's been trying to keep together, falls apart.
Phoebe and Landon have a past together, one that Phoebe has worked hard to forget but London still remembers.