Remy Lecornec (author)

French author of medieval and modern fantasy books, from the south of France

Remy lecornec

I am a self-published author of writing fantasy books.

I already have three volumes of books of Heroic Fantasy edited and available on Amazon, Fnac and also iBookStore.

Now, I am writing other books that venture into other styles, such as Modern Fantasy and even gay romance novels. As you can see I have an unlimited imagination.

I am a network manager and I work for a big and famous company; I live in Nice (France). I am 36 and started writing in 2017.

I am here because I would like my books not only to be read by the French public, but also to be translated into other languages such as English, Spanish, German etc., and that way, I can reach more readers all over the world.

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La grande guerre a commencé. Le puissant Nécromancien fait déferler son armée sombre sur les terres désolées d'Hissfon.
Le Nécromancien crée une peur sans nom dans l'enceinte de la grande citadelle, prête à réduire en cendres les contrées prospères des Terres Mandrares.
Trois guerriers doivent affronter un nécromancien afin de sauver leur monde d'une destruction inéluctable.