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Ray anyasi

Ray Anyasi is one of Africa's most published authors with over 25 books which include; Ujasiri, Bloodline and This Town: a postcard of terror and most recently, Africa's best selling epic fantasy thriller series, Sorrows of Udi. His writing influence is majorly the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who have to confront monstrous challenges they do not orchestrate, yet must overcome. His books like Ujasiri and Sorrows of Udi have been translated to international languages like Portuguese and Spanish. Sorrows of Udi have also been adapted into an animated web series which has made official selections for several international film festivals.


He is also a poet with a poetry collection, "Lines of Thoughts", that includes the acclaimed Ogbanje. Anyasi continues to partake in the global conversations that concerns political and social developments; his book, How to Terrorize Terrorism is one of such contributions. He is an award winning movie script writer. Ray is passionate about growing literacy around the world, especially in Africa, because of this; he founded #theWriteClubwithRayAnyasi which is a series of interviews with authors to introduce them to the reading audience under his influence. He is also the host of Life Lessons from My Bookshelf, a book review show on Youtube and IgTV which digs into books to share the most important life lessons hidden in them.


Fresh out of the University, Anyasi published his first book, A Poll of Vampires, a political crime thriller. Since then he has published over twenty titles. Anyasi is also a certified Copywriter and Content Developer. He is the founder of Bookhouse Nigeria, a not for profit enterprise focused on boosting literacy and the reading culture in Africa while helping authors make a living from their books and writing skills. Bookhouse Nigeria achieves this by organizing book exhibitions, writing workshops, book industry discussions, authors-readers social hangouts and literary awards. Ray is also the Chief Event Coordinator of Lagos Comic Convention (Africa's Biggest Geek and Pop Culture Marketplace) and he organizes the Ray Anyasi Writers' Mentoring Program to help new and intending authors navigate their writing careers. His current hobbies are tending a backyard vegetable garden and engaging fans of his craft on social media.

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