Ujasiri by Ray Anyasi

An ex-soldier attempts to rescue his wife and son from the deathly camp of Joseph Kony and his gang.


Based on true life events, in 2010, Joseph Dahr, a middle aged ex-soldier attempts to rescue from the LRA his wife and son who are abducted from his eastern DR Congo village, all he has is a rusty rifle he can use and an old friend he can trust.
Dahr believes Rosa and Joe Junior would not have been abducted had he taken them to Kinshasa as Rosa had begged him to. He would hence, not forgive himself unless he brings them home by any means. He summarized his mission in a dialogue with Hussein thus, “I am not an idiot. I know the dangers in what I am about to do, but it is the only way I can live with myself.” He relies upon Hussein, an American spy, to arm him with all the details on the LRA’s mode of operation. Hussein on his own has what he thinks is a perfect plan to finish Kony but believes his superiors in the Pentagon would not buy it. He decides teaming up with Dahr is the way forward.
Along the road of gathering intelligence and materials for his big showdown with the LRA, Dahr meets and inspires several other men who equally have personal reasons to take a fight to the LRA. Consequently, the burden of leading an army of distraught men while keeping his eyes on the goal now has to be added to his many troubles.

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Political

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Joseph Kony, Democratic Republic of Congo, jungle wars, fighters, redels, Africa, True life, LRA

Word Count: 86010

Sales info:

Ujasiri is a top best seller in the Action thriller category with dozens of 5 star ratings.

Sample text:

“But I heard Garamba is a fortress for them.”

“That won’t last long and they know that, that is why they began to move away. Operation Lightening Thunder can be called a success in that respect.”

“How can that be true when the LRA still comfortably carry out attacks with impunity?”

Hussein put a callous palm on Joseph’s shoulder, “Listen Joseph, LRA took decades to grow, you cannot wipe them out with the wave of a palm. It would take years before Kony is caught but before then Operation Lightening Thunder will lighten his fighting strength by capturing most of his commanders and fighters.”

“That might take years too.”

Hussein looked sideways to be sure no one was eavesdropping then lowered his voice, “I heard from a reliable source that the commander of the eastern wing, Charles Arop plans to surrender the moment he realizes his force has been drastically thinned. I know he will when he can’t withstand any real combat with OLT forces.”

“Seems like you know quite a lot.”

“I told you I enjoy my job.”

“I see.”

After a brief silence, Hussein completely drained the partial smile on his face and tapped Joseph’s knee for his attention.

“After the attack in Sadi, did you follow the LRA men to see where they went or know of anyone who did?”

Joseph couldn’t hide his surprise, “How did you know I am from Sadi?”

Hussein widened his eyes, “I see I guessed right. Since that was where they brought in the last batch of refugees from I simply guessed so,” he shrugged lightly, “and yeah, you mentioned the Sadi operation first.”

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