Raquel Crisóstomo (translator)

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I want to travel, and to make words to travel as well. To keep living, giving and leaving steps of poetry in the world.

Raquel crisóstomo

I was born in Portugal in 1995. Since very young I started to travel with my parents, getting used to hear dozens of different languages and communicating with kids of all over the world. Today, besides my mother tongue (Portuguese), I speak fluently English, Spanish and French, and I am sure that my early traveling years have something to do with it! 

I have become a traveling addict too. I recently finished a Theatre university degree, and I am about to leave, discover the world and work as a freelancer aboard the travel project of my dreams.

Since very young, I am passionate about reading and writing as well. After some adventures in poetry as a teenager, and keeping writing with pleasure during all my youth, I had the joy to see published an article of my own in 2016 (Um Teatro Para Fertilizar O Homem. In OLIVEIRA, Carlos (Org.), Nenhuma Palavra é Exacta - Estudos sobre a obra de Valter Hugo Mãe, Porto Editora:2016). 

Today I dedicate my literary work to the site of my traveling project, Mandarina Voladora, freshly released. Besides that, as a freelancer, I work regularly with CaptainWord (on articles review and translations), and sporadically with TravelistaClub (writing travel articles).  

To keep living, giving and leaving steps of poetry in the world, this is what I want to leave for. 

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Translates into: Spanish, Portuguese

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