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Sometimes, something you just learn becomes a passion you can't let go.

Pilar ordaz

I should start by saying I'm not a professional in the translation industry as I've been doing it just for fun and hobby in my free time for the past 9-10 years, texts from short magazine articles (scientific ones too) to long and detailed fanfiction (yes, I started there).

Sadly, I cannot show recommendations but what little can be taken from the fanfiction that are still on the net.

I like to work hard, and I always take a bit of time just to proofread all of what I have written. What I like about translations is that you could learn something new, could be a word or a new place, even this technique you haven't hear of before, and as I belive, the translators have a responsability to what they are working on and that is to investigate and to understand the text's topic, because it isn't enough just to know what a word means, there's this background than needs to be understand so the translation can be as accurate as possible to the original text.

At the end, you always learn something new.

My qualifications, at least the most important ones:

English, C1, I've been translating from english the longest.

French, B2, just started last year with text about education and ICT.

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, French
Translates into: English, Spanish

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Pilar is a conscientious and meticulous translator and highly professional in her manner and delivery. She is keen to obtain the best possible translation for your material and will work with you to achieve that. Her work has always been delivered on time and her communication about what she is doing is excellent. I love the work she has done on translating Hibiscus Fruit and highly recommend her. I would love to work with her again.
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Author review:
Professional work, delivered in schedule. Recommended!

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