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Hello! I am a brazilian native speaker and I am able to translate from english to portuguese.

Patrícia bucioli

Hello! Welcome to my profile. I hope you can find the information that you need to know more about my career and motivations. 

So ... I have graduated in tourism at Universidade Federal de São Carlos (Brazil). This course has emphasis on management and education in museums, so, as soon as I graduated I started to work with education in museums. It was love at first sight! Despite the fact that I had already studied education, my first job was crucial to the rest of my career.

It was at TAM Museum that belongs to a Brazilian airline, and, in fact, an amazing place full of real historical aircraft. There I could share my knowledge with all kinds of people, from children to senior citizens, from elementary's students to PhDs and specialists. Work with this diversity made me learn a lot about people and their different goals and ways of learning. There, I also worked with planning and various educational techniques. I admit that much of this knowledge I got thanks to the great team which I was part of.

​I have always loved to study and it made me join the museum's research team. It was an amazing period in my life in which I could work as a collection's and historical records' researcher. At that moment, I discovered my passion for investigative activities which helps me a lot in my translations.

​My passion for English has begun early, to be exact, 15 years ago. When I was a teenager, my dream was to be a flight attendant (that is the reason that I studied tourism), and I knew how important this language would be in my professional life. Despite the fact that I gave up on being a flight attendant, I have never stopped studying English, and nowadays, I am attending a post-graduation in Translation at Estacio de Sá (Brazilian university).

​After I had left the museum I was invited to teach English in Wise Up, a Brazilian English school, where I am working currently. I am also teaching private classes. I love to teach and it makes me study hard, and improve my abilities day by day. Share all the knowledge I have is something really pleasant to me. 

As I said before, I have always to loved to study and investigate, and these characteristics led me to mix my teaching skills with my translator abilities. Translations complete me as a professional and, because of it, I have the opportunity to know new words every day and I also feel that I can help to spread information beyond its origins.


Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English
Translates into: Portuguese

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Patrícia Bucioli did a great job translating Colter's Revenge from English into Portuguese. She speaks English very well and communicates easily and fluently.
Highly recommend. I look forward to working with Patricia on future books. :-)
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It's always a joy to work with Patricia! Quality of translation is great and she meets deadlines and is easy to communicate with. :-)

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