Nina Iordache (translator)


I am a Romanian native Literary Translator from English and I have translated stories and books since 1975. My translated versions have been published in some literary magazines and by two prestigious Romanian publishing houses: Humanitas and RAO. I have

I am a Native Romanian and live in Bucharest, Romania. I have a Degree in English (Major) and Romanian Letters (University of Bucharest, Germanic Languages Faculty, English-Romanian Section).

I have graduated in 1974 and my diploma paper was entitled:  „Hamlet – To Be, To Seem” supervised by Professor Leon Leviţchi.

Years ago I led a Science Fiction club and during those years I was awarded a prize for a Fantasy story I wrote: „The Tea Rite” (the story was later published under my maiden name, Nina Daian). Later on I have translated „The Listeners” by Mr. James Gunn who visited Romania at the time and whom I had the honor to meet personally.

I have also translated „The Queen Of Air and Darkness” by Paul Anderson, and both Mr. Gunn’s novel and this superb fantasy novella appeared in the Anticipatia (Romanian) fanzine.


- “How to Get Ideas” by Jack Foster
- Nefertiti, by Nick Drake :


- The Faithful Spy, by Alex Berenson (Agentul credincios)
-  I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear, The Psychology of Your Closet by Judie Taggart and Jackie Walker ("N-am nimic de îmbrăcat")
- The Little Princess by Tony Ross

- A detective book by Ron Hubbard for an American Agent


- Global Warming by Glenn Murphy (published by RAO Publishing House) (Încălzirea globală)

- Mummy Mysteries by Joyce Tyldesley (Misterele Mumiilor)


- A Woman in Charge by Carl Bernstein  („O femeie la putere”)


- “Twitter Revolution”, episode one, moldova, Chisinau, 2010.


Work on a personal literary project: a fantasy book


Proofreading and rewriting/copy-editing of web text strings from English into Romanian for several British clients


Translation of a Book on Bioethics from Romanian into English for a Romanian client.


The Power of Friendship, Prof Takis Alexiou (ENG-RO), visible online: “Forţa Prieteniei” here :

One can check all the versions of the book online here, including English and French versions of the book and many other:

Personal Interests:

Shakespeare, Omar Khayyam, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Ancient History, Mysteries, Agatha Christie, Baroque Music, Progressive Music, Jazz, Detective Thrillers, Arthur Conan Doyle, Science Fiction and Fantasy movies, great consumer of General News and Political World news reports seen on the TV channels, adore Travels and Travel documentaries including gastronomy of the World (I like to cook and translate culinary texts). I like to swim in the sea and watch it in its many hues of color: it is the perfect landscape for me.


Native language: Romanian
Translates from: English
Translates into: Romanian

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Main translator
Author review:
Nina has worked with dedication to the translation of Daimones, Vol.1 of the Daimones Trilogy. She has review, edited, and proofread her work thoroughly.

Communication with Nina is as easy and friendly as it can be. She shows her attachment to the translation work she provides and strive to achieve the best possible result. She's also very active in marketing the novel in her language and social networks, exceeding expectations in this aspect of the relationship.

We had issues in the formatting aspects of the translated material which appear, though, due to the conversion engine of Babelcube from a Word document rather than the material itself. This is common with other conversion engines as well (e.g., Sma,shwords) and it would have been easier if we had a Babelcube style-guide for do's and don'ts when submitting a word document manuscript.
Main translator
Author review:
a superb job; the translator was conscientious, hard-working, and very easy to work with; highly recommended
Editor and proofreader
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