Mary McDonald (author)

Mary McDonald
I'm an Indie author and have published four books in the Mark Taylor Series, with a fifth in the works. I write thrillers with a hint of paranormal.

My first book, No Good Deed, was published in June 2010. It had very good reviews and decent sales but it really took off in June 2011, reaching as high as the Top 20 in the Kindle store. It continues to sell well and receive excellent reviews. To date, the book has sold approximately 40,000 copies.

I had never contemplated making the book a series when I was writing it--I just had the story in my head and wanted to put it out there for readers. Well, my readers wanted more! It's a great feeling to have readers demanding more, and so I have since added three more books to the series with a fifth nearing completion.

As of now, the series continues to sell well, with series sales of approximately 60,000 copies. 

No Good Deed has won several independent reviewer awards, most notably winning in the Best Thriller category for 2011 from Red Adept Reviews--one of the first and most well-known review sites for Indie authors. It has since become an independent publisher and editing service and held in high regard.

Deeds of Mercy, the fourth book in the series, won 2013 A Reader's Choice Award in the Thriller category on BigAl's Books & Pals review blog. 

Amazon Top 10 Reviewer, Michael Gallagher gave No Good Deed an outstanding 5-Star review.


Wrongly accused of terrorism and imprisoned as an enemy combatant, Mark Taylor must endure enhanced interrogations before he can prove his innocence.
Sam Brennan has one goal--vengeance. He's done playing by the rules imposed as a cop and goes rogue in his quest for blood.