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Marta araújo

I am a graduate of the University of Porto in Portugal where I studied Applied Languages. During this course, I studied English and Spanish and I am fluent in both languages.
I started working almost two years ago. My first job was as a waitress in a hotel in London, where I started working a month after I graduated. I stayed in London for two months in order to develop my English skills with native speakers.
When I returned to Portugal, I started working as a freelance translator from home. This was my main job during most of 2012 and it was very useful, not only because it allowed me to practice all the languages I speak fluently, but also because it taught me how to manage my time and my tasks.
In October 2012, I started a translation traineeship at the European Commission in Luxembourg. The traineeship lasted five months and it gave me a unique inside perspective on how EU institutions work. We were expected to translate documents with many different subjects, so I learned a lot about all the main issues that are currently a concern to the EU. During these five months I lived in Luxembourg, I also gained some French skills.
I returned to Portugal in March 2013 and I have been working again as a freelance translator ever since.
I believe all these different experiences have made me suitable to progress with my work as a freelance translator. 
Portuguese is my native language and I speak Spanish and English fluently.

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Spanish
Translates into: English, Spanish, Portuguese

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I don't speak Portuguese so I can't address the quality of the translation but I found it easy to work with Marta. She was especially helpful in providing a Portuguese title for the book. I'd work with her again.