Marissa Aguayo Gavilano (translator)

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Exquisite translation of aromas, tastes, and experiences

Marissa aguayo gavilano

My name is Marissa Aguayo Gavilano and I'm a professional, certified Spanish translator with 7 years of translation experience. My areas of expertise include travel, tourism, legal and finance.  However, culinary translation has always been something I would like to dedicate more time to.

I have a degree in Hospitality Management, and as part of my studies, I took four semesters related to cooking which included basic and advanced baking, Peruvian cuisine and French cuisine. My work experience includes working at Walt Disney World in catering, as part of my degree.  I have also taught cupcake decorating at the Cupcake Cupboard whilst working for Royal Caribbean. In Peru I have owned both a coffee shop and restaurant where I was involved in menu planning, recipe testing and the actual cooking.

Whilst working as a translator and developing my own agency, I have always retained a keen interest in the culinary arts and I would love to combine my work with my love of food.


Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English
Translates into: Spanish

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