Maria Joana Caspurro (translator)

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French - Portuguese Translator, Escort Interpreter and proofreader

Maria joana caspurro

I'm a professional translator, with solid academic education (Master in Translation) and more than 10 years of experience as an independent worker. Skilled, competent, compliant with deadlines, honest. Solid experience in both publishing (worked 5 years as a publisher assistant) and translating. Translating literature is my favourite task, though it is very difficult to live from that in Portugal. Besides, that's why I'm taking the chance of registering in this site, hoping that through it I can get in touch directly with writers and find new literary translation jobs. I'm also interested in texts that deal with art and humanistic or social studies, fields in which I have translated many articles and books. My masters thesis was on idiomatic French and Marcel Aymé's urban narrative. I love thriller and crime fiction with dense psychosociological approaches. I'm also fluent in spanish and english reading and translating skills.

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: Spanish, French
Translates into: Portuguese

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