Luísa de freitas (translator)

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Hi, I'm Luísa. I am a translation artist, or transcreator.

Luísa de freitas

As a curious multitasker, I have considered many different careers, since my childhood. But one thing was certain: I have always dreamed of being a polyglot. Learning languages is an old passion. I majored in Portuguese Language, linguistics and literature (Letras) at the University of Brasilia, where is the best Institute of the area in Latin America. My master's degree, at the same university, was in theory of literature, as well as my Doctorate. This is my third year as a PhD researcher and I am now a Visiting Assistant in Research at Yale University. The author and the book I study reflects my many interests and profound passion for languages and linguistics: James Joyce's Finnegans wake. I have started studying English as a second language while still a child and until now I keep studying and learning more about the languages I already am proficient in - as well as learning new ones, of course. I am the co-creator of the independent non-profit publishing group Alpaca Press (, where we help female artists and writers. I teach English, French and Brazilian Portuguese, although my full-time job is being a researcher. Photography, drawing and making/drinking coffee are my favorite hobbies.

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Other (Galician)
Translates into: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

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