Liam Robert Mullen (author)

I'm an Irish writer living in Wexford, Ireland. I'm originally from Dublin and have self-published a number of books.

Liam robert mullen Qualified Journalist. Creative Writer. About the author. Liam Robert Mullen is an Irish writer living in Wexford, Ireland. Having worked for many years in the telecoms industry, he returned to Griffith College Dublin in 2003 and graduated three years later with an honours degree in journalism and visual media. The writer has always had a passion for writing and has completed different writing courses including a novel writing course with the Writer's Digest School in Ohio, and several shorter courses with the Irish Writer's Centre in Dublin. The author has a heavy social media presence and has a writing blog at His Facebook presence is at irishwriter112, and he also has a presence on and on Wattpad. The author's previous books include The Nationalists, The Scribe, The Soaring Spirit, Kolbe, and Land of Our Father. He has written numerous short stories. Forthcoming works include Orphans, Sorting out Charlie, Pacific Deeps, Atlantic Deeps, Mano, and several other titles.

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There's a new cop in Hawaii and he doesn't take prisoners. Mano.
A troubled Irish teenager is sent to India and returns completely transformed. A YA novel that explores coming to age, young love, and a growing passion for sport.
An Irish journalist learns some harsh truths during the 1916 Easter Rising, War of Independence, and the Irish Civil War.
After the crucifixion of Jesus, the aftermath and birth of the gospels.