Laura Turbinati (translator)


Translation from English and French into Italian

Laura turbinati

I was Born in Italy in 1967.
I've been studying English since I was 9. 

I took my degree in Languages in 1992, with a thesis in Linguistics about translation.

Since December 2018 I've been living in Michigan ,where I am improving my knowledge of American English.

Translation is a passion for me, not only a job. I use to translate for my own pleasure songs and poems. Please take a look at my blog: I translate articles from English, American and French fashion magazines into Italian.

I translate also audio files from  for the Italian website

I have already translated, from American English into Italian, texts (not books) by the following authors: Lee Carroll, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Roy and Joy Martina, Doreen Virtue, Christiane Northrup, Lynne McTaggart, Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson.

Translated books: "Angel Guidebook" by Joy Martina, "Aging is a treatable disease" by Walter Parks, "Manifestation - Learn to manifest for a wonderful life" by Nicholas Rinpoche and "The Stonegate Sword" by Harry J. Fox.

I love translating subjects such as spirituality, self-help, quantum physics, science, nature, fashion, health, beauty  and wellness.


Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, French
Translates into: Italian

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Author review:
Laura did a great job. She was very careful to render the English original in an easily understandable form of Italian. I highly recommend her.