Manifestation: Learn to Manifestation for an amazing life by Nicholas Rinpoche

If you can resonate with those questions you should not hesitate longer

Manifestation: learn to manifestation for an amazing life


Can you really think and grow rich? Yes, you really can use practical metaphysics and the power of positive thinking to create the financial success, affluence, and prosperity you deserve. Most people never experience the wealth and abundance they could have because they never learn to think big or to manifest miracles. They may have vague wishes about getting rich or becoming a millionaire, yet they know nothing of the importance of having the proper money mindset to achieve those things.

Captivity has left its wounds, and the peace that Sariel fought to obtain is slipping from his grasp. To answer the questions plaguing his mind, he must seek out his former allies. But what he discovers is a task left undone, a coalition standing in his way, and revenge far beyond his new limitations.

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Genre: RELIGION / Ancient

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: manifesting, manifestation, meditation, self help, motvation, law of attraction, universe, stress, spiritual

Word Count: 5629

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Sample text:

The Law of Attraction is defined as one’s ability to attract into someone’s life what he/she is focusing on – be it love or career. In terms of religious belief, nationality or age, each of us is susceptible to laws governing the universe, with the law of attraction being one of them. It is in this kind of law that we use our mind power to interpret whatever we feel about someone (or something). The universe is one immeasurable place, and the law of attraction dictates the things we imagine and how we can turn them into reality.

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