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Bootstrap Businessmen, helping you develop your inner Entrepreneur.

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Brought together for one purpose, to help change lives one person at a time. Bootstrap Businessmen are made up of two Entrepreneurs from two different business models.

My name is Dale Lewis Roberts and I'm an American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, Certified, with an ACE specialty certification in Senior Fitness. Since beginning my personal training career in 2006, I have earned numerous certifications in personal training, yoga, nutritional coaching, among others. I have worked with hundreds of clients with a variety of health & fitness goals. While my greatest passions are health & fitness, writing and reading, I also love to spend time traveling with my wife, watching pro wrestling and playing guitar. I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona, with my wife, Kelli, and our rescue cat, Izzie.

My name is Kevin S. Allen, and I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I believe if you want more out of life, then you have to work for it and get it yourself. I'm a professionally trained Sales and Coaching leader who enjoys spending time with my wife and daughter, traveling, golf and being able to help others find their true path in life.
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