Fail To Succeed by Bootstrap Businessmen

The Five Critical Principles of Failure for Massive Personal Growth (Essential Habits & Beliefs of the Entrepreneur)

Fail to succeed

Develop New Habits & Practices to Turn Your Failures into Strengths
Are you sick of reading the same old self-help and motivational books that provide tired advice and exaggerated claims? Wouldn’t it be ideal to get the information you need in one sitting through practical advice backed by real world success stories?
Then, Fail to Succeed: 5 Mindset Principles for Personal Growth has exactly what you need to realize your greatest breakthroughs and most triumphant successes.
Based on thorough research through credible resources of world class athletes, inventors, entrepreneurs, and millionaires, Fail to Succeed takes you on a brief yet thought-provoking ride in the importance of failure and how to develop it to be your greatest asset. Filled with relatable stories of failure and spectacular victories, this book gives just what you need without all the extra filler of traditional self help and inspirational books.
What are the secrets to making successes from your failures?
You will learn:
1.    Who suffered the worst failures only to rebound to greater heights?
2.    What strategies did the uber-successful use to overcome adversity?
3.    How to experience your most profound a-ha moments?
4.    When is the best time to capitalize on your losses?
5.    Why these five mindset principles aren’t simply about changing your perspective?
6.    How can you conquer analysis paralysis and stinking thinking NOW?
7.    What to do when you feel like all hope is lost?
8.    What does it mean to turn fear in failure to faith in failure?
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Finally, Turn Failures into Success!



Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Entrepreneurship

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Language: English


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Sample text:

Fail for the Craziest Shift
It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.
-Ellen DeGeneres
I have a serious question to pose—would you take advice from a failure? Barring any convincing information, you picked up in the introduction, I imagine your answer is “no.” At the very least, you’d be curious who would give the advice. There’s an enormous difference between a homeless person and a Fortune 500 entrepreneur. Or, is there?
After all, hasn’t an indigent man learned something in his losses to share with the rest of the world? Just because his experiences didn’t bring him wealth and riches beyond measure, doesn’t make him any less valuable than others. Barring the juxtaposed incomes, the primary difference between the wealthy and the poor lies in their reactions in the aftermath of their failed attempts.
A wealthy entrepreneur may have made the same amount of mistakes, but his reaction to the unfavorable outcome was hugely different. Some people wrongly assume the elite people of the world were overnight successes or were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. But, that is farthest from the truth. A rare few individuals are born into success while the vast majority have had a long, arduous climb to the top.
For example, Bob Dylan’s band, the Golden Chords, lost to a tap dancing act at a high school talent show. Yet, Dylan would go on to etch his unique musical style and legacy into the annals of American pop music and culture. Every song wasn’t a hit and not every person fell in love with his unorthodox musical approach. But, as years progressed, he adjusted his course and improved at his craft to become forever emblazoned in Americana.
And, what about the previously mentioned inventor Thomas Edison? Do you think his only failures lie in the invention of the light bulb? 

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