Katrina Avant (author)

Katrina'sWorks Publishing LLC
Former hairstylist turned independent author and publisher

Katrina avant

Katrina Avant, a former hair stylist, is a native of eastern Arkansas. Her works are created from her traveling adventures, meeting unique people and her own personal experiences and deepest fantasies.

After publishing her own works, Katrina, through her company Katrina'sWORKS, is now the publisher of other emerging indie authors: Dorothy A. Cooper, the author of "Another Chance" and "After Another Chance"; Olivia M. Dutton, the author of "Mama Said, Keep Your Dress Tail Down"; and Kesi M. Omari, the author of Imperfections versus Perfections.

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Sienna Mendez thought she knew all there was to know about her deceased mother, until Pilar’s attorney shows up on her doorstep claiming otherwise.