Jessica Johansson (translator)


Fluent in Swedish and English with a passion for litterature

Jessica johansson

I come from Sweden where I grew up to love litterature and writing. I am well averse in the Swedish language and have a large vocabulary from years of reading and writing, as well as studying the Swedish language at University.
2011 I moved to UK to broaden my perspectives and I fell in love with the country. After seven years I decided to try my luck abroad, but my heart has come to view UK as home so I returned after a mere 14 months away. During my time here my English vocabulary has grown from regular school English to a more native English as the nuances of the language became clearer.
I still have a huge passion for litterature in either language and I keep them both alive by reading and writing, as well as listening to it.

Native language: Swedish
Translates from: English, Swedish
Translates into: English, Swedish

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Jessica was easy to work with, and produced an excellent translation.

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