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Although my native language is Afrikaans I have completed all my tertiary education in English. As a scientist I am involved daily in writing and generating scientific reports or technical documents to either fellow scientists or clients. This involves the ability to adapt and formulate all concepts in a format that conveys critical and detailed information to the target groups at any level.

I have also been involved in lecturing, grading and moderating science-related materials for both Afrikaans and English students. This has enabled me to become very proficient at translating and explaining concepts in both languages as misinterpretations would have dire consequences.    

Native language: Afrikaans
Translates from: English, Afrikaans
Translates into: English, Afrikaans

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Jacques is professional and completed the translation within the agreed timeframe. Jacques is very helpful and is easy to communicate with. He has provided a translation of a high standard and I recommend him for other translations from English to Afrikaans.