Federica Greco (translator)

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International student-Athlete at Rutgers university. Bilingual Italian (native) and Enlish (fluent). Majoring in Human Resources

Federica greco


I am a bi-lingual student-athlete (swim team), I am majoring in human resources management at Rutgers Univerisity. According to my past experience, I tend always to take a leadership position to solve issues in the team. I have basic HTML skills.   

As a student-athlete, I have always been able to manage to study and passing classes while also knowing my playbook, work out and practice, traveling and competing.  

Something interesting about my self is that when I was in high school I spent three years waking up at 5.00 am to swim.

I can speak two languages fluently.

I came to Rutgers two years ago by myself without knowing English and without ever been in the US.

I like to be remembered for what I did rather than for what is said.  

Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, Italian
Translates into: English, Italian

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