Emmanuel Samuel (translator)


Professional English/Spanish Translator (Latin American Spanish)

Emmanuel samuel

Native Latin American Spanish speaker with 10+ years of experience translating from English to Spanish. If you are looking for someone that will deliver your message to a Latin American audience, I might be that person. I am from Mexico, this makes me familiarized with a wide range of colloquialisms. I can make your translation perfect for any Latin American Spanish speaking country.

Being an avid reader of novels, I have extensive knowledge of the vocabulary that is usually used in them. I try to find a middle point between making a literal translation and transmitting the most accurate impression that the author seeks to give his readers through his words, through the search of terms in the Spanish language that best convey the message.

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, Japanese
Translates into: Spanish

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Author review:
Mr. Emmanuel Samuel was great to work with and took extra care to make sure that things which wouldn't carry over into another language were modified in such a way that they would. For example, a joke based on word-play cannot be translated literally. Mr. Samuel knew this and made the effort to address this for the best reader experience. I highly recommend him.