Elisabetta Pinzarrone (translator)


I’m an Italian native speaker and I have a master degree in Sociology.  I’m very passionate about travels, foreign cultures and idioms and I have always read books in my life since I was an infant. My classical studies along with my innate curiosity and desire of knowledge have made me a strong  expert in Italian written language. My next Erasmus experience in Spain was  my first opportunity to learn a different language and understand how the possibility to communicate and discover new people was exciting and rousing. After this, my unexpected internship in a small publishing company where I read unpublished manuscripts, found strengths and weaknesses, corrected texts and controlled of logical consistency, checked quotes and names-dates-references gave me the awareness about my right direction. From then, I decided my future will be round the books and I thought my knowledge of Spanish could be spent for translating novels and every other kind of text in my mother tongue. Now I would like to try this new profession and my stay in London is increasing my skills in both languages Spanish and English.  
I also provided Italian language tuition and I taught Italian, history and geography in primary school.


Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, Spanish
Translates into: Italian

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