Elena Ientile (translator)

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Alma Rebus
Hi! I'm Italian native and practice english in my daily professional activities. I have a strong sense of writing and a very good experience in translating any kind of texts. Accuracy and affordability are the values I'm used to bring in works!

Elena ientile

I've been working in the communication field for at least 10 years and I'm engaged with my own agency in providing services to achieve companies' promotion. I rely on a strong experience in digital marketing as content editor (bilingual italian-english) for websites, blogs, social medias, as well as I currently work on professional translations (from english to italian).

I experienced translations in technical fields (www.vrstar.us, www.emagine.it), in philsophical contents (translation Osho Master's conversations), commercial descriptions for e-commerce.

I ensure originality, professional finishing and max reliability!



Native language: Italian
Translates from: English
Translates into: Italian

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