Photography For Beginners by James Christiansen

An Amazon #1 Bestseller on how to set up proper lighting for beginning photographers

Photography for beginners

Are you a photography beginner wondering how to set up photography lighting? Need to know how to furnish your own photography lighting kit? Look no further as this eBook on photography for beginners will tell you exactly how to set up photography lighting for a home studio

Knowing what to buy when you're a photography beginner is tough! Everyone knows that lighting makes or breaks a great photo, but how do you set up your own home studio? This book will answer those questions 

In this book on photography for beginners you'll learn: 
1. How to set up your home studio 
2. The different types of lighting setups and how to choose the best one for your photos 
3. How to set up the various components of your lighting 
4. Recommended lighting products to use 
5. Tips and tricks to get a truly fantastic lighting setup 

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Don't struggle any longer trying to get the perfect lighting setup. Get this book on photography for beginners TODAY and learn how to set up photography lighting for a home studio!

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Its an Amazon #1 Bestselling book with excellent reviews!

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Photography lighting for a home studio

A truly great photo is immediately recognizable by a professional quality that is hard to define.  The models glow, the product lines are crisp and sharp, and each individual family member looks their best in a portrait.  Although creative flair and a high quality camera play their part, the defining feature of a great photo is how well the photographer has used the light.  Great lighting can create drama and draw in the viewer, turning an ordinary photograph into true art.  While the amount of new gear and techniques available can be initially daunting, creating outstanding results in a home studio is a very achievable goal for a photographer looking to take their skills to the next level. With some basic equipment, a good set-up and a trained eye, a home studio can produce images to rival established professionals.


Why is lighting important?  No matter how talented the photographer or the excellence of their equipment, a photo will not be high quality unless the lighting is right.  Amateurs often make the mistake of assuming that expensive equipment and complicated techniques will produce great photos. This often means that they spend the bulk of their budget on the equipment to capture a good photo, instead of the lighting which will actually create the shot.  Professional studio photographers know the importance of lighting, and tend to direct the bulk of their budget to acquire high quality equipment. Using natural light where possible can produced excellent images, and a detachable flash in the hands of a talented photographer is a great tool. However, even these techniques need an understanding of how light can be manipulated and directed to produce images. There are some shots that simply cannot be achieved without a studio set up to maximise the potential of lighting.

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