Conrad Jones (author)

My photo is from the BBC Breakfast television last month. Bestselling author of 12 thrillers and a series of writing and marketing guides. Over 500k books sold.

Conrad jones

I have written 23 thrillers and horror books. I am published by Thames River Press, Constable and Robinson and Champagne Books (Canada) and have sold over half a million downloads since 2008. I am keen to translate my books into other languages. Iam happy to be contacted by anyone interested. My bestselling book, The Child Taker is under offer for film rights as are the entire Detective series.

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SIX BOOKS PACKED WITH INFORMATION IN ONE DOWNLOAD 1.How to write a book in 90 days.(Extended)(A tried and tested system by a prolific author) (Soft Target Series)... by Conrad Jones (29 Dec 2013) - Kindle eBook 2. Market Your Book on Twitter, Pinterest
Bestselling writing guide
A horror story based on true events
This ebook tells you how to improve your book’s chances of commercial success by hitting the ground running: writing hooks into your book, choosing your words wisely, showing rather than telling the story, adding more depth to your storyline and turning f
Detective Alec Ramsay gets involved in a bloody family feud which leads him deep into the gritty Liverpool underworld.
Soft Target is the first book in a series of thrillers that follow the hunt for a nefarious killer. The book begins in famous US tourist destinations where suicide bombers cause carnage, before attacking the United Kingdom.
Bestselling Thriller