Chrys Brobbey (author)

Chrys D'Elijah Brobbey
I am an author looking for collaboration with a Partner/Translator to give exposure to high-standard books on the world stage.

Chrys brobbey

My name is Chrys Brobbey. I live in Sacramento, California. 

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Administration (Accounting), and a Masters in Organizational Management. 

Being a bibliophile, I read widely and I write a lot. It is my hobby, bordering on passion.

A poem I sent to a contest by 'Eber & Wein Publishing' has made it to the final selection, and it will be published in their anthology book this year. 

I have many poems published at the online site Poetry Nation (, and most have high reviews posted online by readers.

My academic papers have been published on the web at ''

I have published the below listed books through Createspace:

People who have read the books have high favorable impression. I will like to, through the Babelcube platform, introduce the books to the world. Given wide exposure and the right promotion, the sales potential can be very high. I have more  books in process, and once we break into the market we can roll out more to satisfy the appetite of fans. I invite interested parties who'll like to translate the books to please read copies to make an informed assessment and decision. I look forward to a fruitful collaboration through Babelcube in storming the world with must-read novels, poems and other literature. 


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This book contains 105 poems aimed at making poetry reading an enjoyable adventure.
A colorful drama of lives intermingled by twists and turns.
A humorous story that compares the ills in society to muddied waters.