Carla Banza (translator)


Active person that loves books, animals and good people. Not in that specific order =)

Carla banza

I'm over forty but I still behave like a child most of the time. I love to standing under the shade of trees, reading a good book, watching my dog playing around and breathing a lot. Fresh air is essencial to my life. I enjoy being with people, eating together and chating for hours. If we can chat and laugh even better. I'm a very positive person and I do follow good challenges.

I work in a book publisher, I fight everyday against the decreasing number of book readers around the world. But I hope this fight is like that sigh of the broom and the vaccum cleaner on a bar: "They invented you, but I'm still used everyday".

So, let's do it and embrace a new adventure.


Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
Translates into: English, Portuguese

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Main translator
Author review:
Overall quality was fine, but some formatting issues and technical issues, especially problematic when creating the paperback.
Main translator
Author review:
Carla has made a fantastic job of the translation and its formatting, and was very easy to work with.