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Bodil agneta bergh

Hi everybody,

I'm a native, Swedish midlife mommy. For the past three years, I have had the privilege of working full-time with something I love; i.e. as a professional translator. My academical background includes two exams from the Lund University. In 2006, I finished a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, whereas my Master of Arts in Translation was completed in 2010.

As for literary texts, I have so far translated two historical novels from English to Swedish. Furthermore, I have translated 3 books on Psychology and Pedagogics in the same language combination and 1 book from Danish to Swedish. I have also edited a couple of Swedish translations from English books. 

As appears from my tagline, I have some additional working languages with more or less extensive professional experiences. These cover almost everything from EU documents and technical manuals into subtitling tasks and web pages. 

Since I love the world of languages and translations that much, it is my hope to be able to continue in the same track for many years to come. Hence, I am most open and welcoming to any suggestions you may have for a potential co-operation.

Feel free to contact me at any time.

With my best regards,

Bodil Bergh 




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