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Arianna martin

I have been travelling to England since I was 4 years old. I have had a passion for English language since I can't remember. And that travelling since I was a child made me love airports and planes and flight tickets. Growing up I kept studying English language (all through my Master) and I lived in English speaking countries, lived and work with English speaking people.

My passions for the language and the travelling have always stayed with me. I ended up doing a job that allow me to take free time almost whenever I want and that I can do from whenever there's internet connection.

But my interest for foreign languages didn't stop there: I have been studying German and Russian for many many years and I always have in my plan to start a new language class.

I lived in 4 different countries: Italy, England, Finland, Germany and now I am in Texas. I don't think it's easy to leave your country but it makes a person so much richer. The people, the culture, the language that I met during these years, all worth it.

I want to keep translating because i think it's a bridge between two world, two languages, two people (writer and reader) and I want to be part of that world.

But since this is a place where books are translated, I must say I love reading. Not everything, I have my favourite genres, of course.

I read non fiction books, biographies, literature novels (so many Russian novels I've read already and how many more to discover), travel books and countless travel guides.

I love watching movies; I follow fashion and art, when possible on site, when not via web or tv.

I read newspaper and magazines, mostly online but when I have the chance I love turning those paper printed pages, better if with a cup of tea!

Please have a look at my LinkedIn profile for more work information.

I just opened a blog called travelbooksmovies&otherdrugs so I can practice the writing part as well.

So, this is me and I hope to work with some (or many) of you soon!



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