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Hello, I'm Adolfo Del Rio, I am a native spanish speaker, settled in Mexico.
I've learned english since i was in primary school, but i learned more because of my family. When I started the university, I needed to earn an extra income so I started to translate some documents for a small fee, then, I met a person who works at an editorial and was looking for translators for some english books. Since that moment I became an official translator for Quadrivium Editores. 

I've been translating different genres of literature such as, poetry, novel, history and arts. It's been 4 years and a half and I'm still translating for them. I'm here in this website to gain more experience translating as a freelancer, my translations are very well detailed, I like to be in constant comunication with the author to let them know the progress of my work and of course, the quailty of my work. I don't use the google translator, instead of that I use several dictionaries. Besides, I love reading, since I was a child, the books have been my best friends, that's why it's so easy for me to translate books.

For you who are reading this, I would love to work with you, because I think that language should not be a barrier in comunication and expresion, so I'm convinced that my work will be quite satisfactory for you. See you in the books, dear author.

You can see my Facebook profile so you can know that I'm real.

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