Zombies and Aliens by Eileen Sheehan

Book Four of Kendra's Journey

The exciting conclusion of the romance apocalyptic thriller series

Zombies and aliens

She battled them inside the earth's core.  Now it's time to deal with those on the surface!

After traveling to the center of the earth and dealing with prehistoric beasts, deceitful amazons and even more zombies and aliens to rescue her son, Kendra and her family return to the surface of the planet to deal with the aliens once and for all.

Zombies and Aliens is the final installment of the exciting romance-thriller series, Kendra's Journey.

What Readers are saying: 
"This is the last book in this series. You must read the first 3 before this one. This book picks up where the 3rd left off. It definitely had some twists and turns I didn't expect. Some good some not so good but the story flowed and in the end everything worked out perfectly. I love a good ending and this definitely had one that pulled everything together and gave us a happily ever after for everyone. Love this author!"

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Science Fiction

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Dystopian

Language: English

Keywords: dystopian, zombies, aliens, romance, thriller, prehistoric creatures, dinasaurs, inner earth, center earth, apocalypse

Word Count: 64,602

Sales info:

This is a new release that ranks #12,434  on the amazon scale for sci-fi romance.

Sample text:


Welcome to book four of Kendra’s Journey.  Let’s do a little catching up before we begin our story.

In book one, “Where Zombies Walk”, we met Kendra who was just a babe-in-arms when war broke out upon the planet.  While many wealthy members of humanity moved their homes into the center of the earth to avoid the destruction brought onto the planet by the release of nuclear warfare, some, like Kendra’s family, sought refuge in a bomb shelter that was built by her ancestors during the 1950’s when the first nuclear scare swept the population.  Just prior to the unexpected release of nuclear warfare, three scientists were commissioned to create and release a zombie virus upon Russia with the intention of subduing them.  The plan included releasing the cure once this was accomplished.  But, of the best laid plans….  So, when the nuclear warfare was set upon the planet by a small group of misguided rulers, the scientists scattered and were lost.  With them went the zombie cure.

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