Wyvern Academy by Altas Kane, Grayson Sinclair

Path of Ascension

When treading the path of ascension, you'd better watch your back.

Wyvern academy

When treading the path of ascension, you'd better watch your step.

After incursions of Demons from another plane of existence changed the course of history, humanity learned one undeniable truth: traditional weapons wouldn't cut it. Those strong enough to resist, cultivated their Ki, and emerged as Heroes of Ascension to combat the demonic threat.

For two hopeful Ascendants, J and Alex, this journey begins at Wyvern Academy. But surviving in one of the world's top battle academies isn't the only thing they have to worry about. Fellow students and rivals, beautiful girls, and treacherous exams stand in the way of their first steps on the path of ascension.

Wyvern Academy is a harem cultivation novel written by authors Atlas Kane, bestselling author of Chimera King, and Grayson Sinclair, LitRPG author of Hive Knight. Wyvern Academy is inspired by Japanese Light Novels as well as a deep love and respect for anime, kung fu, martial arts, and battle academy adventures.

Imagine a story that combines My Hero Academia, IP Man, and your favorite harem novel, and you'll have Wyvern Academy...

Caution to Readers: Wyvern Academy light novels contain explicit adult content, unconventional / harem relationships, graphic and persistent violence, and occasional lapses in decorum that would make your dear mother faint. Proceed at your own risk.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Dystopian

Language: English

Keywords: harem

Word Count: 70k

Sales info:

Got best seller tags in 4 categories on Amazon. Has kept a rank of under or around 5k since launch. Got as low as 2.3k. Just beginning to run ads and things are picking up again. Started with 

Sample text:

Almost there. I exhaled slowly, every aspect of my body tuned to this one moment. My sight fled first, fading the world around me into unending darkness. Once I was blind, I steadied my breathing, keeping it slow and controlled, so I could focus on the next step.

After sight, went my sense of taste. The saliva in my mouth lost its flavor, and I kept pushing. Taste was simple to purge.

Smell took longer. After fifteen minutes of rigorous concentration, the summertime air flowing through the window lost its sweetness.

Finally! I nearly shouted and broke my concentration.

Focusing, I shut down the senses I didn’t need, one after the other, allowing true sight to blossom. Though I couldn’t see, there was still a flow of the world, patterns in the air to follow. A fragment unseen by the rest of humanity.

I closed off every sense beyond hearing and touch. My focus sharpened.

And then I could see it all.

Air rippled around me, sending a shiver down my spine, a crowd of goosebumps across my skin. Closing off my sight allowed me to truly see. Wind flowed from the window to permeate the room, slipping over each surface to escape through the crack in the door. It was like swimming underwater.

The wind was a living thing, and the slightest disturbance altered the flow and sent waves in all directions.

The dulcet tones of a saxophone sharing stage with a piano cascaded through the walls. John Coltrane. Haruna doesn’t like jazz, must be the neighbor beside her.

Haruna was in her room, studying. She tapped a pencil on her notebook, whacking the paper in rhythm to the K-pop CD skipping in her aged player. Despite her parents’ wealth, she still stuck to the old-school method. I bit my cheek to stop the smile brimming on my lips. CDs in this day and age? Hipster.



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Already translated. Translated by Nelson Leonel De Benedetti
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completed translation on time and was a pleasure to work with

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