Writing Genre Fiction-Crafting the Short Story by Susan Palmquist

Avoid the common pitfalls of short story writing

Writing genre fiction-crafting the short story

Learn how to

Avoid the common pitfalls of short story writing

Beginning writers often make common errors that will a little know-how can be corrected or avoided.

Create the perfect plot for your short story

In Crafting the Short Story you’ll learn the main difference between plotting the short story versus plotting the novel and how it can increase your odds of getting your story published.

Create Character that your readers will love

Getting your readers to enjoy reading about your character and his or her story is vital and you’ll learn how to do specifically for this shorter form.

Research and find the best suited market for your story

Once you’ve created the perfect story you’ll need to find a home for it and there are two chapters all about researching the market and where to look for short story markets.


Secondary Genre: LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Composition & Creative Writing

Language: English

Keywords: short stories, short story writing, how to write a short story, learning to write, how to write, fiction writing

Word Count: 9100

Sales info:

This book was one of the first in my genre writing series. Short story writing is gaining popularity, not only in terms of markets you can submit to but lots of beginning writers find learning the craft of writing is easier in a short format.

While this book is now five years old, I feel it has great potential for sales when it's offered in more languages and therefore opens the content to more a larger audience of writers around the world.

Sample text:

So what exactly is a short story?

Ask any two people and you’ll never get the same answer. However, here’s my definition. It’s a story in the 1,000-10,000 word range. Below that it’s flash fiction, and once you get into the 10,000-25,000 word range, then it’s a novella.

Some short stories have even been turned into movies, such as Minority Report, Brokeback Mountain, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to name just a few. Some have even been made into series for TV, such as the show, Justified.

They can be literary or genre fiction, and just like their longer counterparts, need a strong plot and should have lots of conflict and emotion. And yes, you’ll see as we progress through the chapters that it’s possible to have all those elements in this shorter form.

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