Write Characters by Susan Palmquist

Creating People Readers Will Love

Are you struggling with creating your characters or are you getting rejection letters but you’re pretty sure you have a storyline that rocks?

Write characters

Are you struggling with creating your characters or are you getting rejection letters but you’re pretty sure you have a storyline that rocks?

It isn’t always the plot readers remember the most about a book but a character or characters that captures their attention; holds their interest, and forces them to read on to find out what happens.

They’re the people in your story who beckons to the reader from page one and says I’ve got this story to tell you, do you want to come along for the ride?

And that’s why I created this short guide.

It isn’t so much a how to create a great character but a set of exercises for you to try in order to help you flesh out lifelike three dimensional people every time you sit down to write and hence lessen the chances of your story being rejected or you not hitting all the marks with your readers.

Once you’ve tackled all ten of them, you’ll know your character like your best friend, and may even know them better than you know yourself.


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Word Count: 2,250

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I think this book might have a great sales boost through translation. Creating characters is something most writers struggle with and therefore will be valuable to authors whose first language isn't English. I'd love to see it translated into as many languages as possible in order to help authors around the world.

Sample text:

In this chapter you’re going to think about what your character would prioritize in an emergency situation.

It’s the perfect way to get to know their likes, dislikes, quirks and what they hold dear to them.

Here’s the scenario…

Your character is asleep and hears their smoke alarm pierce the silence. They rush out of the bedroom to see flames engulfing part of their house.

They know they have to get out soon but sense they might only have ten minutes to flee with some precious belongings. What ten items would your character carry out of their house?

Once you have the list, next to each item write an explanation as to why they chose it.

For example, pocket watch that once belonged to their great grandfather.

Christmas card, the last one sent to them by their late mother.

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