Wood's Relic by Steven Becker

Mac and Wood discover an ancient relic that leads to gold

Wood's relic

Mac Travis went to the Florida Keys to disappear, but his new commercial diving job turns out to be more than he planned. An artifact discovered while working on a bridge pier quickly draws the attention of a real estate tycoon, a Jersey mobster and twin Indian Chiefs all trying to open a casino in the pristine Keys. When his psycho ex-girlfriend tracks him down things get even more interesting.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English


Word Count: 70,000

Sales info:

The book has sold over 10,000 copies since release and is currently ranked in the top 10,000

Sample text:



The only thing separating the two men was two feet of water. Wood struggled with the wheel and throttle, fighting the wind to keep the barge as close to the seawall as possible. And it was a good thing, too, because if he could have reached Eli Braken, he would have strangled him. As it was, he could only hold the piece of hydraulic hose in his hand. 

“Somebody cut this. It didn’t just blow.”

“You’re drunk again, Wood. Hell, it’s only a hair past noon!” Braken yelled into the wind. “I need you to get this job back on track, or I’m pulling the plug on your contract and cutting you loose.”

Wood put his head down. He was standing at the helm of the barge, shirtless, his overalls covered in grease — what the hell did a few drinks matter? He was working his butt off to get the bridge section rebuilt. Desperate to pay his bills after his insurance company had cancelled his policy, he was forced to take smaller less profitable jobs, instead of bidding the larger projects that required bonding. The deepwater span he was working on between Big Pine and No Name Key had been damaged by a wayward boat blown loose from it’s mooring. A casualty of Hurricane Andrew. The insurance company had blamed the failure of the span on his construction, further infuriating him. “I’ll get ‘er done, Braken. You know I always do.”

“You always did you mean,” Braken said. “I get that you can’t get bonded, and you’re mad at the world, but I’m giving you work here. The insurance companies are screwing everyone, not just you, to try and recover their losses from the storm. I’m sorry this came down on you.” Braken leaned into the wind. “You know if it was just me I would cut you some slack, but I’ve got investors on this project to keep happy.”​

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Already translated. Translated by bruno laval
Already translated. Translated by Laura Stecco
Already translated. Translated by Enrique Francisco GRANADOS GONZÁLEZ

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