With His Lady's Assistance by Cheryl Bolen

Feigning an engagement to a plain society spinster, Wellington’s greatest spy attempts to thwart a plot against the Prince Regent’s life.

With his lady's assistance

The Prince Regent recruits Wellington's best spy, Captain Jack Dryden, to find out who's trying to murder him. But in order to mix in the highest echelons of English society, the exceedingly handsome spy must feign an engagement to the prodigiously plain spinster Lady Daphne Chalmers. As this unlikely couple's investigation deepens, so does their attraction to one another.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: mystery, humor, Regency, romance, Georgette Heyer, fake engagement, spy

Word Count: 82,000

Sales info:

Amazon All Star, New York Times bestseller, USA Today bestseller

Sample text:

Obviously there was some mistake. The Prince Regent must be going as daft as his poor father. Yes, Captain Jack Dryden decided, that could explain the peculiar summons he had received. The regent was likely dicked in the nob. But since a lowly army captain could ill afford to refuse a royal summons, Jack had been forced to leave important work in Portugal, make a wretched sea voyage, and now found himself in front of the regent's lavishly colonnaded London residence presenting--not without resentment--his papers to one of a pair of Life Guards who stood on either side of the entrance gate.

As the soldier perused the documents, Jack shifted his weight from one foot to the other, eying the other Guard who stood straight as a poker within his three-sided sentry's hut on the opposite side of the gate. At any second Jack expected to be accused of forging the royal seal. But no such occurrence happened.

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