Window in Time by Daniel James Miller

Ellie Reed and her family go cross-country to locate a missing friend.

Window in time

An Elder from Ellie's local Shifter Council has failed to return home after a vacation, long overdue and out of communication, prompting the Community find out what has happened to their friend.  Ellie and the boys take part in the search-n-bring-home operation, but at a terribly tricky time for the twins.  Their Change is coming in a matter of days, the first shapeshift and introduction into Community life; nothing can stop it.  But with no option other than to go, and no way she would leave the boys behind at such a critical time, Ellie takes her family West to play their part in the operation.  When they arrive, though, events unfold that overshadow a missing Elder, ones that could impact Shifter society as a whole, all over the world, as a time-tested enemy rears its head with malicious intent.  And that is only the threat from without...

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 177,253

Sales info:

Window in Time is Book 2 of my Shifters series and sales have only recently started.  In terms of feedback, reviews are coming back very favorably.  Getting the word out about the series is an ongoing project. The readers I am connecting with are enjoying the book(s).  I simply need to keep reaching out to more of them.  Having my books available in more than one language will be a critical part of that outreach process, in my opinion.

Sample text:


            As her head breached the surface, Annie smoothed the cool water away from her face, pushing it down the back of her neck and opening her eyes as she did so.  It was dark.  Were it not for a faint luminescence emanating from the walls it would be pitch black.  She smiled.  That was just how she liked it.  In here she was alone.  There were neither eyes nor duties pressing upon her…just how any good vacation should be.  Annie took a deep breath, stretched her back, turned and kicked away from the bottom of the pool.  Even though the water only came up to her shoulder, for her it was a perfect place to be as she glided smoothly through the dark water; a feat not unimpressive for a Shifter as bodies of water could prove lethal for her kind.

            One of the side effects of being a shape shifter was having an extremely low proportion of body fat, a condition similar to that of chimpanzees and one that made them sink like stones when entering the water.  The simple act of swimming was less of a relaxing paddle and more of an extreme sport.  More than one young, inexperienced member of the Shifting community had gone to a watery grave with a look of surprised horror on their face.  But with a bit of practice and a solid lungful of air, a Shifter could pull it off.  Over the decades Annie had learned to master it and now absolutely adored the activity.

            A high mineral content in the water also added to her buoyancy.  Centuries of dissolved runoff from the cavern walls had given the pool its unique characteristics.  The water in Annie’s dark refuge benefitted from nature’s best filtration system.

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Already translated. Translated by Matteo Serrago
Already translated. Translated by Vanesa Jiménez Gámez

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