Why Me?: Help Comes When You Least Expect It by Darren Cox

Joe meets a dove named Jemimah that helps him back on his feet again.

Why me?: help comes when you least expect it

One day there was a cow named Joe that had everything a nice barn, food and all the hay to eat. Sam a green snake that did not like Joe and he wants to make Joe's life turn upside down. Joe meets a dove named Jemimah that helps him back on his feet again.


Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: children, kids

Word Count: 1900

Sales info:

This has been a good seller.

Sample text:

Once there was a cow named Joe. Joe lived on a farm that had everything: nice barns to sleep in, all the hay he could eat, and a small pasture to himself, full of nice green grass and with a creek of clean water running down the middle of it. Joe was the luckiest cow on the farm.

Living near the farm was a green snake named Sam. Sam saw how great Joe’s life was, and was jealous of Joe for having such a perfect life. One day Sam saw Joe out in the pasture easting some nice, green grass. Sam was so jealous of the cow’s comfort that he decided to come up with an evil plan to take away Joe’s happiness.

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Already translated. Translated by Thomas GANICHOT
Already translated. Translated by Angelica Hagen-Resch
Already translated. Translated by Barbara Parutto
Author review:
Very good quality. I hope to do much more with this translator.
Already translated. Translated by Susana Rosa de Matos Catarino Silva
Already translated. Translated by Daniel G.
Author review:
Awesome job. Hope to do more with translator.

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