Whispers in the Wind by Paul Zunckel

A Piet van Zyl African Thriller

Whispers in the wind

Step into the evil world of Human Trafficking, where corrupt officials, unemployment, poverty, greed and power all play a part.

A family is torn apart by abduction.

A child taken in the dead of the night, a mother abducted and sold into slavery, and the world of the sex trade.

The search for the child and woman moves from the banks of the mighty Zambezi deep into the African bush, to the under belly of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: Africa, Thriller, Adventure, Human Trafficking, Loss, Love, Family, Strength, Search, Belief

Word Count: 84075

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Whispers in the Wind has only just been released on Amazon Kindle.

Sample text:

The year is 2005

The moon sits high in the dark night sky as the paddles dip silently into the dark waters of the Kafue River;a mist rises from the edges of the river bank, cloaking the three men as they push the dugout forward cutting through the water towards their destination, and the completion of their quest.

Silently they bring the dugout alongside the bank, secure it, and slip into the dark bush like phantoms, heading towards their ultimate goal.

The safari camp is surrounded by a boma, and the central fire flickers in the playful breeze as it throws up sparks into the night sky.  All is silent and still as the occupants of the camp sleep, dreaming about what adventures the rising sun will bring.

The shadows of the three phantoms slip into the camp and head towards a tent in the center, for in there lays their quarry.  As one they move in and emerge with a white bundle draped across the shoulders of one of them.

They leave the camp as silently as they had arrived, and if it were not for the abducted young girl, no one would ever have known they had even been there.

The flickering flames from the torches attached to the rocky walls of the large cavern throw grotesque shadows across the open area.  The air is thick with smoke from the two burning cauldrons on either side of a raised altar, a low humming and the sound of shuffling feet fill the area as a figure leading a Black Backed Jackal on a rope enters the chamber, followed by a procession of white robed figures. Their heads bowed as they enter the holy temple, they move towards the altar, eyes fixed upon the sacrifice secured with rope atop the smooth surface stained with the blood of others that have come before her.

The hunters have arrived, and the chosen one is being made ready by her handmaidens to come forth and take her rightful place at the head of the Cult of the Jackal.

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Already translated. Translated by Liezl Dreyer
Author review:
Liezl is awesome in her work and always ready with a bit of help as well. My first four books were also translated by her when I was with VHP and it is great to be working with her as an Indie Author. Thank you Liezl...I wish you well.
Already translated. Translated by andre diogo weber
Author review:
Andre has translated a couple of my books and always delivers.
Already translated. Translated by Sandra Martínez
Author review:
Sandra is awesome, She enjoys the work and I would work with her on any of my novels.

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