What You Want to See by L.P. Masters

A Collection of Creepy Short Stories

What you want to see

An astronaut trying to survive on Mars. A woman caught in an eternal death loop. A sailor saved from drowning, now trapped forever in an underwater place. This collection of stories will surprise and frighten you. But don't worry; it shouldn't scare you too much. Besides... It's only what you want to see.

Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Ghost

Language: English

Keywords: short story, ghost, paranormal, sci-fi, collection, contemporary, eclectic, creepy, scary, Halloween, fear

Word Count: 21000

Sales info:

This book sold really well around Halloween, and I'll be sure to promote it a lot during those times. It's a fun read with a bunch of creepy short stories in it. Some of them are VERY short.

Sample text:

I hadn’t expected to wake up. The room was dark. Cold. Water dripped from the ceiling like the tears I wanted to cry but couldn’t. Light danced above me.

The man stood nearby. His skintight black suit covered him to his neck. Long, dark hair curled in ringlets as the water dripped from it. Two small rectangles were connected to his throat with thick wires that sank deep into his skin.

I wanted to run away, but the pain in my shoulder kept me still. “Where am I?”

“The Land of Lost Souls.” His voice was watery, like he was speaking through a fishbowl.

“So I’m dead?”

“You might as well be. You cannot leave.”

I shivered, tried to control my breathing. “Why did you bring me here?”

“Would you have preferred me to leave you?”

I thought of where I’d been, floating in the ocean, the debris of a ruined ship buffeting me in the storm. Whales promenaded, singing my requiem.

“No. Just tell me where I am.”

He reached that black-clad hand toward me and I thought of the moment he’d grabbed my ankle and dragged me under the surface.

You didn’t want him to leave you, I reminded myself. I took the hand and he pulled me up, steadying me as I swayed slightly.

“Have a meal with me. You have been through much.”

Too tired to object, I followed him through cylindrical tunnels. We passed other men and women, but no one spoke. At last we came to a cavernous room. A table stretched from one side to the other. People ate, but the place was eerily silent. He set a plate before me, filled with alien-like creatures.

I pushed it away. “Why can’t I leave?”

“Because.” He gave me a sad smile. “You were lost.”

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Already translated. Translated by Monja Areniello
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Great Work!
Already translated. Translated by Gabriela Gazzi
Already translated. Translated by Luiyi Morgan

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