What Great Managers Do: by Gary Randolph

17 Simple Tips to Become a Better Manager & Empower your Team

This ebook is about improving managerial skills.

What great managers do:

It is said that a happy worker is a productive worker and a good manager can make a worker happy which will make him a productive worker.
If you want to maximize the output of your firm or organization than you must have some leadership qualities in you.
One of the responsibilities of a competent manager is assisting your team in staying productive and organized.  
This ebook is detailed guide to improve managerial skills which will increase the output of your organization.

This ebook will teach you:

- How to train your team
- How to motivate your team
- How to organize your team
- Improving communication skills
- Tips to become a good manager
- How to redeem yourself
- Poppular problems that managers face
- How to solve popular problems

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Genre: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational

Secondary Genre: EDUCATION / Behavioral Management

Language: English

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